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Kenmore Soccer Club

Joining Kenmore Soccer

Here are the steps to follow to join Kenmore Soccer for 2020, the community's top youth and adult soccer program.

If you have not registered on this site before, click on “Register” in the upper right corner of the landing page. Enter a User Name and a Password, enter the information requested under the “New Customer Primary Contact” section, and then click “Create New Account”. If you have registered previously, just use the Login and Password you created in that initial action.

Once this action has been completed, you will be taken directly to a screen where you can register participants for our Travel and Academy programs, or for our Celtic FC Summer Camp with Kenmore Soccer. The registration system will automatically provide a selection of the programs for which your child is eligible.

The final screen involves payment of fees. If you have registered for the Celtic FC Summer Camp, the fee will be shown. To receive the early registration discount, the fee must be paid in full. However, the amount due for our Travel programs at this point will be $0.00, since fees are not due until your child is rostered to a team and you accept the roster spot, at which time you will receive an e-mail with further instructions on accepting the roster spot and making payment.

When you return to the Kenmore Soccer website on any subsequent visit, you will use the Login link and enter the login and password you created in  the initial registration.

As a reminder, there is no fee for the Kenmore Soccer Academy.

Any questions in regard to the registration process can be directed to Ken Voght, Operations Manager for Kenmore Soccer, at [email protected] or at 837-1627.