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Travel Team, Academy, and Futsal Schedules

Here are the Teams Formed for the 2021-2022 Season
Schedules Are Accessible Via The Links Below

Specialty Coach Schedule
Advanced Academy - Ages 11 and Above Nick DeMarsh April-July
Junior Academy - Ages 7-10 Prisco Houndanon April-July
Goalkeeping Academy Chris Hershey April-July
Micro Soccer Prisco Houndanon April-July 
Boys Teams Coach Team ScheduleAcademy
Kenmore United 8 and Under Emilie Puzzella April-July April-July
Kenmore Bulldogs 9 and Under Rob VanDewater, Doug Weinert April-July April-July
Kenmore Niagara International 9 and Under Vito Colangelo April-Julyset by coach
Kenmore Bulldogs 10 and Under Chris Robey April-July April-July
Kenmore Invaders 11 and Under Bobby Di Nunzio/Brian Wzontek/Jeff Criddle April-July  April-July
Kenmore Niagara International 11 and Under Richard Pettay/Mark Presutti May-Julyset by coach
Kenmore United 11 and Under Eric Kolber/Jeff Marion/Nick DeMarsh April-July April-July
Kenmore Niagara 12 and Under Bob Roach, Chris Robey set by coach April-July
Kenmore Stallions 12 and Under Roberto Calvaresi, Doug Harlach April-July April-July
Kenmore Invaders 13 and Under Bobby Di Nunzio/Chris Robey April-July April-July
Kenmore Niagara Spurs 13 and Under Nick DeMarsh/Dustin Weiss April-MayApril-July
Kenmore United 14 and Under Nick DeMarsh/Dustin Weiss April-July April-July 
Kenmore Niagara International 15 and Under Vito Colangelo set by coach set by coach
Kenmore United 15 and Under Prisco Houndanon/Brian Sibiga April-July April-July
Kenmore Niagara Spurs 15 and Under Nick DeMarsh/Dustin Weiss April-July April-July
Kenmore Niagara Blue Devils 17 and Under Bediako Swan/Shane Magaris April-July April-July
Kenmore Niagara 17 and Under Chris Hershey April-July April-July
Kenmore Express 19 and Under Val Mawi/Sang Chin April-July April-July
Girls Teams Coach  Team ScheduleAcademy
Kenmore Lady Spurs 8 and Under Sean Pellow/Karen Lawton April-JulyApril-July
Kenmore Lightning 10 and Under Bella Finley/Ken Walker/Lori Hershey-Smider April-July April-July
Kenmore Bluebombers 10 and Under Cheryl Smith/Becca Dubik/PJ Murdie May-JulyApril-July
Kenmore United 11 and Under Prisco Houndanon/Andrew Hashey
April-July April-July
Kenmore Boltz 12 and Under Keith Ferreri/Roger Martin/Jessica Bahne April-July April-July
Kenmore Ambush 13 and Under Victoria Colotti April-July April-July
Kenmore Ambush 14 and Under Ken Voght April-July April-July
Kenmore Niagara International 15 and Under Andre Pacheco/Ken Voght May-Julyset by coach
Kenmore Inferno 16 and Under Mike Michalski/Steve Staniszewski April-July April-July
Kenmore Ambush 17 and Under Ken Voght April-July April-July
Kenmore Niagara International 17 and Under Andre Pacheco/Victoria Colotti set by coach set by coach
Kenmore Inferno 19 and Under Mike Michalski/Chris Marra/Chris Stilwell April-July April-July
Kenmore Niagara International 19 and Under Andre Pacheco/Nick DeMarsh set by coach set by coach

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