Kenmore Soccer Club

Teams and Schedules

Schedules for the 2014-2015 season are being linked under the appropriate column as they are available.

Specialized Training Coach Fall Schedule
Academy - Under 10 and Below Prisco Houndanon November-March
Academy - Under 11 through 14 Prisco Houndanon November-March
Advanced Academy Brian Knapp January-March
Goalkeeping Meg Jarrell January-March
Boys Teams Coach Indoor Schedule
Kenmore Blue Devils Under 10 Boys Shane Magaris, Steve Sorrels November-March
Kenmore Strikers Under 10 Boys Chris Warren November-March
Kenmore Whiteout Under 10 Boys Bob Fontana, Charlie Anzalone March
Kenmore Stallions Under 10 Boys Pat Pellow Pending 
Kenmore Vipers Under 11 Boys Joe Cabral, Humberto Garduno November-March
Kenmore Stallions Under 12 Boys Sean Reilly November-March
Kenmore Crew Under 13 Boys Justin Wainwright, Matt Meyer November-March
Kenmore United Under 13 Boys Prisco Houndanon, Cullen Weber November-March
Kenmore Fire Under 14 Boys Tom Appenheimer, Mike Johnson, Steve Leffler November-March
Kenmore Express Under 15 Boys Hector Vasquez, Nick DeMarsh, Joe Cabral November-March
Kenmore Lightning Under 16 Boys Tim Hirschbeck, Zac Hirschbeck November-March
Girls Teams Coach Indoor Schedule
Kenmore Krazies Under 10 Girls Angela Nicholas, Alyssa Hulbert November-March
Kenmore Ravens Under 12 Girls Donna Frymire, Troy Frymire November-March
Kenmore United FC Under 13 Girls Shaun Applegate, John Jacobs November-March
Kenmore Sparks Under 13/14 Girls Joe Schmidt, Ken Voght November-March
Kenmore Ambush Under 14 Girls Ken Voght, Mark Haase November-March
Kenmore Ambush Under 15 Girls Ken Voght. Kristina Change November-March
Kenmore Ambush Under 16 Girls Karen Lawton, Jim Dyckman, Meg Jarrell, Jenna Floriano November-March
Kenmore Talons Under 19 Girls Nick DeMarsh Pending
Mens Teams Coach Team Schedule
Kenmore Devils Roger Martin Starts in May 2015
Kenmore Wolf Mill Rovers Mike Bartkowski Starts in May 2015
Womens Teams Coach Team Schedule
Kenmore Ambush Ray Thompson Starts in May 2015
Kenmore Talons  Gabe Boldinski Starts in May 2015 
Kenmore Caputis Cheryl Smith Starts in May 2015
Kenmore Express Mike Thoin Starts in May 2015
Kenmore WB Kayla Koeppel Starts in May 2015
Kenmore United Karen Lawton Starts in May 2015