Kenmore Soccer Club

Teams and Schedules


Schedules for the 2014-2015 season are being linked under the appropriate column as they are available.

Specialized Training Coach Outdoor Schedule
Academy - Under 10 and Below Prisco Houndanon April-July
Academy - Under 11 through 14 Prisco Houndanon April-July
Advanced Academy Brian Knapp April-July
Boys Teams Coach Outdoor Schedule
Kenmore Blue Devils Under 10 Boys Shane Magaris, Steve Sorrels April-July
Kenmore Strikers Under 10 Boys Chris Warren April-July
Kenmore Whiteout Under 10 Boys Bob Fontana, Charlie Anzalone April-July
Kenmore Stallions Under 10 Boys Pat Pellow April-July 
Kenmore Vipers Under 11 Boys Joe Cabral, Humberto Garduno, Mike Stanz April-July
Kenmore Thunder Under 12 Boys Sean Reilly, Dean Leaderstorf April-July
Kenmore Crew Under 13 Boys Justin Wainwright, Matt Meyer April-July
Kenmore United Under 13 Boys Prisco Houndanon, Cullen Weber April-July
Kenmore Fire Under 14 Boys Tom Appenheimer, Mike Johnson, Steve Leffler April-July
Kenmore Express Under 15 Boys Hector Vasquez, Nick DeMarsh, Joe Cabral April-July
Kenmore Lightning Under 16 Boys Tim Hirschbeck, Zac Hirschbeck April-July
Girls Teams Coach Outdoor Schedule
Kenmore Krazies Under 10 Girls Angela Nicholas, Alyssa Hulbert April-July
Kenmore Ravens Under 12 Girls Donna Frymire, Troy Frymire April-July
Kenmore United FC Under 13 Girls Shaun Applegate, John Jacobs April-July
Kenmore Sparks Under 13/14 Girls Joe Schmidt, Tom Schmidt, Nya Queeglay April-July
Kenmore Ambush Under 14 Girls Ken Voght, Mark Haase April-July
Kenmore Ambush Under 15 Girls Ken Voght. Kristina Change April-July
Kenmore Ambush Under 16 Girls Karen Lawton, Jim Dyckman, Meg Jarrell, Jenna Floriano April-July
Kenmore Blue Devils Under 19 Girls Clarence Boatman, Ken Voght May-July
Mens Teams Coach Team Schedule
Kenmore Devils Roger Martin May-July
Womens Teams Coach Team Schedule
Kenmore Ambush Karen Lawton, Meg Jarrell May-July
Kenmore Caputis Cheryl Smith May-July
Kenmore Express Mike Thoin May-July
Kenmore WB Kayla Koeppel May-July
Kenmore United Gabe Boldinski, Kristina Change May-July